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Driving Mission Success with Kubernetes

Rancher Government Solutions delivers secure and certified open source and cloud-native software for the United States Government adopting DevSecOps across the IT landscape.

Rancher Government responds to market demand with a modern alternative to VMware

Discover a more modern virtualization future with Harvester.

Introducing the Geek Out Podcast

A podcast where we delve deep into the intricate world of Kubernetes, containers, cloud-native technologies, and security, tailored specifically for the discerning minds in government sectors.

Accelerating Agility and Security at the Tactical Edge


Download our latest whitepaper to find out how Rancher Government accelerates tactical edge missions with a versatile, cloud-native platform compatible with virtually any edge device.

Join US at AFCEA TechNet Cyber

Supporting the Warfighter with Government-Grade Kubernetes Solutions.

Baltimore, MD | June 25 - 27



Securing your Kubernetes Pipeline

It’s imperative to protect your entire container pipeline, from Build to Ship to Run. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Kubernetes Security to learn more about securing Kubernetes and container deployments with a special focus on automating run-time security with Neuvector.

Accelerating Agility & Security at the Tactical Edge

Elevate your tactical edge mission with Rancher Government's Hyperconverged Edge solution. Download our latest whitepaper to learn how we leverage the power of open source and open software to transcend the limitations of traditional cloud and data center technologies.


Building an Enterprise Kubernetes Strategy

In today’s emerging cloud-native environments, Kubernetes is everywhere. Kubernetes helps boost productivity, reduces cost and risk, and moves organizations closer to achieving their hybrid cloud goals. Download our paper to learn how to build an enterprise Kubernetes strategy.

We Accelerate Your Mission Success

Rancher Government Solutions (RGS) delivers agnostic, open-source Kubernetes and container management solutions to meet the demands of U.S. Government and military missions. 

Our secure-by-design, cloud-native software stack runs anywhere – from the data center and out to the tactical edge. With integrated end-to-end Zero Trust security, we tackle Kubernetes operational challenges head-on, ensuring containerized workloads are secure and compliant. 

Rancher Government embodies the spirit of open-source collaboration and delivers hardened, enterprise-ready solutions trusted by the Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community, and civilian agencies.