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Driving Mission Success with Kubernetes

Rancher Government Solutions delivers secure and certified open source and cloud-native software for the United States Government adopting DevSecOps across the IT landscape.

A Dedicated Partner in Delivering Customer Success

"We received exceptional service from all three engineers that were engaged. They were extremely patient and well versed in the product. Through their logical and methodical troubleshooting they were able to restore our system to a working condition and allow us recover our critical data."

Rancher Government responds to market demand with a modern alternative to VMware

Discover a more modern virtualized future with Harvester.

Introducing the Geek Out Podcast

A podcast where we delve deep into the intricate world of Kubernetes, containers, cloud-native technologies, and security, tailored specifically for the discerning minds in government sectors.

Accelerating Agility and Security at the Tactical Edge


Download our latest whitepaper to find out how Rancher Government accelerates tactical edge missions with a versatile, cloud-native platform compatible with virtually any edge device.

Rancher Government Joins CISA's Secure by Design Pledge

Rancher Government announced their continued commitment to our nation's cybersecurity by joining the Secure by Design Pledge, administered by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).


Join Us at AFCEA TechNet Cyber

Supporting the Warfighter with Government-Grade Kubernetes Solutions.

Baltimore, MD - June 25-27


Delivering secure by design, open source solutions for the federal government

Rancher Government delivers agnostic, open source Kubernetes and container management solutions to meet the demands of U.S. Government and military missions. 

Our secure-by-design, cloud-native software stack runs anywhere – from the data center to the tactical edge. With integrated end-to-end zero trust security, we tackle Kubernetes operational challenges head-on, ensuring containerized workloads are secure and compliant to drive digital transformation and mission impact. 

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From Our Customers 

A recent customer survey highlights the value of the Rancher Government partnership.

"Excellent response time for this criticality level. Engineer made good suggestions and organized a call when additional debugging was needed. The recommended solution fixed the issue and prepared us for production."
"The team that responded was quick, informative, and respectful. I would not have been able to search etc'd logs without the help of the RGS Engineer and the commands he supplied to help debug."
"The team did an outstanding job of getting our servers up; With timely follow-ups, they were supporting the deployment all through while giving tips on what the best options and practices are."

Enterprise Container Management

Government organizations modernizing their infrastructure continue to choose cloud-based technologies to power their digital transformation. As they move away from legacy environments to hybrid, multi-cloud stacks, enterprises are creating new opportunities to unify their IT operations with containers and Kubernetes.

Learn more about Rancher, the world's most popular Kubernetes management solution.

Zero Trust Container Security

Securing containerized applications for government and military organizations is critical. As the only 100% open-source, zero-trust container security platform, NeuVector offers a comprehensive and proactive approach to securing containerized workloads.

Available as a stand-alone or integrated with Rancher, learn more about NeuVector's proactive platform for preventative zero trust protection.

Computing at the Tactical Edge

Full operational reliance on the cloud, especially in isolated or hostile environments, can be detrimental in circumstances of lost or no connectivity. The need to support not only the collection of data, but the processing and analysis of that data in real time, at the far and tactical edge continues to grow for the Federal Government.

Learn more about Rancher Government's edge solutions to deliver mission impact at the tactical edge.


Looking for a VMware Alternative?

The acquisition of VMware by Broadcom has introduced significant price and product uncertainty into the Federal IT market. As budgets tighten, mission objectives shift and technology changes, government agencies are rethinking their IT strategy. We can help. Learn more about Rancher Government's VMware alternative and customized phased approach to legacy workload migration.

Who We Serve

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Department of Defense

National Security & Intelligence

National Security & Intelligence

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Civilian Agencies

Our Partner Ecosystem

Why Agencies Choose Rancher Government

The Power of Choice

Rancher Government is redefining IT modernization by offering government customers the power of choice and flexibility.

  • Leverage new technologies without hardware limitations or vendor lock-in.
  • Adapt to the future of IT without sacrificing past investments.
  • Modernize at your own pace with customizable secure solutions integrating seamlessly with existing systems. 

Secure by Design

Rancher Government is committed to integrating security at every level of the product development lifecycle, ensuring the open source technology solutions: 

  • Are secure by design, efficient, and scalable.
  • Meet and exceed the security requirements of the U.S. Government.
  • Delivered through a secure supply chain service with Rancher Government Carbide.

Value in Partnership

To successfully implement open source software within a government environment, agencies need a strategic partner to ensure every operation is secure, optimized, and aligned with mission objectives. The Rancher Government subscription offering includes:

  • Seasoned and diverse expertise 
  • Integration support
  • Quick resolution, expert guidance, and mitigate risk
  • Training 

How Can We Help?

Ready to meet with one of our U.S. based Kubernetes experts? Let us know how we can help.