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Driving Mission Success with Kubernetes

Rancher Government Solutions delivers secure and certified open source and cloud-native software for the United States Government adopting DevSecOps across the IT landscape.

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Introducing Rancher Government Carbide

Secure the Software Supply Chain.

Rancher Government Solutions is proud to present Rancher Government Carbide: an add-on support capability to the existing Rancher products suite. Carbide delivers cutting-edge capabilities to enable software supply chain security and support federal compliance requirements.

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Securing your Kubernetes Pipeline

It’s imperative to protect your entire container pipeline, from Build to Ship to Run. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Kubernetes Security to learn more about securing Kubernetes and container deployments with a special focus on automating run-time security with Neuvector.

Define your Edge Computing Roadmap

Looking to incorporate edge computing into your cloud-computing plans? Download this Gartner report to see how you can take advantage of IoT and transformational digital applications to advance your edge strategy.


Building an Enterprise Kubernetes Strategy

In today’s emerging cloud-native environments, Kubernetes is everywhere. Kubernetes helps boost productivity, reduces cost and risk, and moves organizations closer to achieving their hybrid cloud goals. Download our paper to learn how to build an enterprise Kubernetes strategy.


Who is RGS

Rancher Government Solutions (RGS) is specifically designed to address the unique security and operational needs of the U.S. Government and military as it relates to application modernization, containers and Kubernetes.

Rancher is a complete open source software stack for teams adopting containers. It addresses the operational and security challenges of managing multiple Kubernetes clusters at scale, while providing DevOps teams with integrated tools for running containerized workloads.

RGS supports all Rancher products with U.S. based American citizens with the highest security clearances who are currently supporting programs across the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community and civilian agencies.

Rancher Government Solutions mission is to deliver the latest in open source technology to the U.S. Government in a secure, validated way.




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