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Kratos + Rancher Government

Better Together Pioneering Next-Generation Satellite Ground Systems with OpenSpace.



A Strategic Alliance for Advanced Satellite Operations

In a strategic collaboration, Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. and Rancher Government are proud to introduce the OpenSpace platform. This initiative advances satellite ground system technologies, driving the seamless transition from traditional, hardware-dependent setups to agile, software-defined environments.

The OpenSpace Platform is cost-effective and secure, handling multiple missions simultaneously to improve service delivery and operational efficiency. From bare metal and virtual machines to extensive cloud networks, it is the first of its kind to be easily deployable across diverse customer environments. 

Partner Awards


Solution Partner of the Year


SI Solution Partner of the Year


OEM Partner of the Year


SI Partner of the Year


Innovation Partner of the Year


Cloud Partner of the Year


Civilian Partner of the Year


2021 Emerging Partner of the Year

Together we drive rapid scaling and deployment, optimizing operational speed and resource efficiency.

With the support of Rancher, the OpenSpace Platform deploys virtual functions such as modems, channelizers, and combiners using Kubernetes-based containerized software applications. Software containers allow for dynamic scalability and rapid deployment, all managed through a single interface provided by the Rancher Platform.


Our Partnership with Kratos Offers

Flexibility & Scalability

Effortlessly scale satellite operations up or down as needed without the limitation of traditional hardware systems.

Improved Speed & Security

Deploy new services in minutes, not months, with a platform built for rapid reconfiguration and fortified with robust security measures.

Multi-Cloud Capability

Run operations in any cloud environment - Google, Amazon, Microsoft - and switch between providers as needed to optimize performance and cost.

Cost Efficiency

Deploy and manage multiple missions with a software-defined system that boosts operation capability while reducing overhead costs.

We are proud to be working with Kratos to support this truly transformational platform that will free satellite operators from proprietary hardware architecture and move to software-defined, flexible, and extensible virtual platforms.

- Brandon Gulla, Chief Technology Officer at Rancher Government 

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