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Edge Computing

Hyperconverged Infrastructure at the Tactical Edge.

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The Tactical Edge has emerged as a critical frontier in cloud computing, challenging traditional ideas of centralized data processing and application management. 

In these often remote, resource constrained environments, where connectivity is not guaranteed and real-time processing is critical, the limitations of traditional edge to cloud and on-premise data center technologies become glaringly apparent.

The Rancher Government Hyperconverged Edge Stack

Powered by Harvester, Rancher's innovative Kubernetes-as-infrastructure product, the Rancher Government HCI Edge Solution highlights the power of open source and open standards software. It transcends the limitations of traditional cloud and data center technologies by offering a modular, versatile and highly configurable stack.

Flexible solutions to match mission needs
Secure supply chain delivery
Push button deployment of the entire stack
Zero trust framework
Edge Solution Stack

The Benefits of Harvester

An Open Approach

Leverage open source for your HCI layer instead of the proprietary platforms of the past.

Simplify HCI

Make bare-metal infrastructure as easy as the cloud.

Deploy Anywhere

Data center, campus IT, and the edge.

Decouple Hardware & Software

HCI solutions tied to hardware becomes brittle over time.

Accelerate Application Delivery

Harvester makes it easier to deploy apps using open standards that are truly portable across infrastructures.

Converge Kubernetes

Harvester integrates with Rancher to provide the best-in-class Kubernetes experience.

Harvester is redefining the tactical edge, supporting the mission in places previously thought to be impossible.
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Enhancing Tactical Edge Capabilities Webinar

Learn how to deploy cloud environments and integrate with private secure government cloud instances while adapting the realities of the battlefield.

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Copy of The Geek Out Podcast Our new podcast called Geek Out presented by Rancher Government Solutions. (1)

Accelerating Agility & Security at the Tactical Edge

Download our latest whitepaper to find out how Rancher Government accelerates tactical edge missions with a versatile, cloud-native platform compatible with virtually any edge device..

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Copy of The Geek Out Podcast Our new podcast called Geek Out presented by Rancher Government Solutions.

Implementing Kubernetes at the Tactical Edge Podcast 

Check out our latest podcast in our Geek Out series with Staff Solutions Architect Brian Durden. Learn the tactics and how to implement Kubernetes at the tactical edge.

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