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Rancher Government Carbide™

Secure the software supply chain.

Rancher Government CarbideTM enables software supply chain security
and simplifies adhering to federal security and compliance requirements.

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What is Rancher Government Carbide?

Rancher Government Carbide is an add-on support service to the existing Rancher products suite that delivers cutting-edge capabilities to ensure software supply chain security and support federal security compliance requirements. Carbide simplifies Kubernetes management by providing a better, more standardized way for users to verify and validate software. Its pipelines utilize tools for vulnerability scanning and generating SBOMs.

*Carbide supports the Rancher MCM 2.7 and RKE2, the only Kubernetes management platform and distribution with STIGS validated and published by DISA.

Securing the software supply chain is mission critical to the federal government, particularly given the increasing frequency of attacks and Cybersecurity Executive Order 14028.

RGS Carbide is built to:

Group 6416
Secure the software supply chain by verifying providence back to a specific entity.
Group 6419
Accelerate manual software security & validation processes.
Group 6417
Gain access to Kubernetes expertise
Group 6418
Depend on a technology agnostic approach.
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Software Supply Chain Security

CSR enables software supply chain security by providing a centralized secure container registry to end users, validated by a secured signing key.

*Enabled by Carbide Secured Registry (CSR).

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Offline Docs

Carbide provides full, airgap capable access to documentation for the entire Rancher product suite, including Carbide.

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At Rancher Government Solutions, the edge is a first-class citizen. Rather than retrofitting tools to work in an edge environment, Rancher Technologies are built for the edge from the start.


Automating the STIG Compliance Assessment

STIGATRON is a Day 2 Operations compliance tool within Carbide built to validate downstream clusters from the centralized Rancher Multi-Cluster Manager. By automatically scanning downstream clusters and comparing them to the STIG cluster, STIGATRON alleviates the obstacles system administrators face in the validation process, enabling compliance with the security standards of the federal government.


DISA STIG Certification

Rancher Government Solutions is the only company with approved Kubernetes management platform and distribution STIGs officially recognized and published by DISA (MCM 2.6 & RKE2).

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Lean more about our Carbide solution and how we support the security and compliance requirements of the U.S. government and military.

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Dive into the technical details of Carbide. Carbide is exclusively offered to our US Government and partnering customers that value security above all else.

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