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A Lightweight Certified Kubernetes Distribution
Built for IoT and Edge Computing

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Take Kubernetes to the Edge

Optimized for edge and IoT applications, k3s is a highly available, certified Kubernetes application geared for use in unattended, remote, resource-constrained environments. K3s bundles all k8s components into combined processes and presents it all in a simple server-and-agent model that’s easy to use and fast to deploy. It’s so lightweight you could run it on a Raspberry Pi.

Why K3s and Rancher?

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Simplified & Secure

Packaged as a single binary smaller than 40 MB, choosing k3s means you can spin up a Kubernetes cluster—or several, if you pair k3s with Rancher’s management platform—in fewer steps.

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Modular & Flexible

All the components of K3s are swappable, meaning you can get started with exactly what you need and adapt to any changes later.

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Optimized for ARM

Whether you’re running Arm64 or Armv7, k3s has you covered with binaries and multiarch images available for both.

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24x7 Support

24x7 support options available for call center or
on-site - our team is U.S. based and holds active clearances to meet you at your mission.

Boost the power of K3s with Rancher and manage up to one million
production-grade clusters with a single Rancher control plane.

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Define your Edge Computing Roadmap

Looking to incorporate edge computing into your cloud-computing plans? Download this Gartner report to see how you can take advantage of IoT and transformational digital applications to advance your edge strategy url.

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Dive into the technical details of K3s.
K3s is exclusively offered to our US Government and partnering customers that value security above all else.

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