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Rancher Government Solutions mission is to deliver the latest in open source technology to the U.S. Government in a secure, validated way.


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Lynne Chamberlain

President & Chief Executive Officer

Lynne Chamberlain brings over 30 years of leadership experience from Red Hat, Unisys and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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Brandon Gulla

Chief Technology Officer

Brandon Gulla leads the RGS engineering organization and product management.

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John Hodges

Chief Operating Officer

John Hodges leads the operations team at RGS and is responsible for delivering our services while driving cross-functional efficiency and strategic growth.

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Don Poole

Vice President of Corporate Communications & Marketing

Don Poole leads the communication and marketing teams at RGS and is responsible for spreading the word on our transformational Kubernetes management platform.

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Matthew French

Chief Financial Officer

Matthew French leads the financial team at RGS and is responsible for financial operations, creating efficiencies and process improvements while supporting and informing profitable decision making.

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Tricia Fitzmaurice

Vice President of Sales

Tricia Fitzmaurice leads the RGS sales team and is responsible for driving revenue with cutting edge technology solutions that enable Federal customers to make decisions at the speed their critical missions demand.

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