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A Distributed Cloud Storage Platform

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Kubernetes Storage Made Simple

Longhorn is a cloud-native, lightweight, and powerful distributed storage platform for Kubernetes that can run anywhere. When combined with Rancher, Longhorn makes the deployment of highly available persistent block storage in your Kubernetes environment easy, fast and reliable.

Why Longhorn and Rancher?

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Addresses the U.S. Government customers need for a compliance-based approach towards security.

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Adds persistent volume support to any certified
K8s cluster.

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DevOps can deploy Longhorn from Rancher with just one-click.

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Storage Agnostic – any ext4 filesystem can be added to a Longhorn cluster.

Group 6463

NFS and S3 compatible. (backup storage)Kubernetes-first design –implemented in CRDs and controller pattern.

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Storage Agnostic – any ext4 filesystem can be added to a Longhorn cluster.

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Open source and owned by the CNCF.

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24x7 support options available for call center or
on-site - our team is U.S. based and holds active clearances to meet you at your mission.

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How to Build an
Enterprise Kubernetes Strategy

Kubernetes helps boost productivity, reduces cost and risk, and moves organizations closer to achieving their hybrid cloud goals. Learn more by downloading our whitepaper.

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Dive into the technical details of Longhorn. Longhorn is exclusively offered to our US Government and partnering customers that value security above all else.

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Stay up to date on our latest news and learn from our team of experts on all things Rancher for government.

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