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Rancher Government Hauler

The Airgap Swiss Army Knife

A single, lightweight, and secure binary for effortless artifact management.

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Secure Data Movement in Airgapped Environments 

Rancher Government Hauler is a modern solution designed to simplify data movement within disconnect environments. Built specifically for U.S. Government missions, Hauler allows operators to manage airgapped data transfers easily. By eliminating the need for costly and complex custom scripts, Hauler offers an open and interoperable platform for fetching, packaging, and distribution of essential artifacts. With Hauler, government customers can confidently operate their airgapped environment without vendor lock-in or additional software dependencies. 
Hauler's intuitive workflow and functionality allows government and military customers to focus on their critical missions instead of battling complex and custom scripting challenges.
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Simplify Data Transfers

Effortlessly manage the collection and distribution of essential assets between disconnected environments.


Enhance Efficiency

Eliminate the burden of resource and time intensive scripts and workflows, enabling teams to work on other valuable projects.

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Strengthen Security

Mitigate the risks associated with complex scripts and workflows, ensuring the integrity of sensitive information.

The Core Concepts and Basics of Hauler


The Benefits of Hauler

Zero Dependencies

Unlike traditional tools burdened by dependencies, Hauler is a single, lightweight binary that simplifies deployment, minimizes maintenance, and maximizes system resources.

Secure by Default

Built for secure government missions, Hauler integrates seamlessly with Rancher Government Carbide. This add-on service automatically enforces DISA STIG compliance and minimizes supply chain risk, securing the integrity of sensitive data by default.

Simplified Workflows

Hauler streamlines the process of moving artifacts between airgapped environments with an intuitive command-line interface and user-friendly manifests. Skilled Engineers and novices alike can move essential artifacts efficiently so teams to focus on the core mission.

Interoperability without Lock-in

Open-source and platform agnostic, Hauler allows you to choose the tools you need without vendor constraints. It works within the Rancher suite and seamlessly integrates with your existing applications, freeing you from vendor lock-in.

Built-in Bootstrapping Utilities

Hauler’s embedded registry, file server, and built-in bootstrapping capabilities allow it to operate independently, even without external infrastructure. You get reliable data movement in even the most disconnected environments like the tactical edge.

Reduced Operation & Maintenance Costs

Hauler cuts costs, not corners. It eliminates the need for in-house scripting expertise, minimizes operation and maintenance costs, and reduces time spent on manual processes so users can focus on maximizing operational effectiveness.

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Deep dive into the Hauler technical details by visiting us on GitHub.

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