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Keeping National Security Secure: How RGS Is Redefining the Kubernetes Security Solutions Landscape

In a landscape cluttered with cybersecurity solutions, Rancher Government Solutions (RGS) distinguishes itself through a triad of differentiators: our adherence to Defense Information Security Agency (DISA)-approved Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs), our commitment to Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140 Encryption standards, and our “Secure by Default” ethos.

Backed by an unyielding focus on top-notch security, reliability, and innovation, RGS has successfully carved its niche, especially in government sectors. We’re not just pushing the boundaries – we’re redefining what’s achievable in Kubernetes security for national interests. 

Uncompromising Security and Validation

In an environment where mere compliance isn’t enough, RGS stands as a paragon of unmatched security. Notably, our journey towards STIG certification was a collaborative effort involving key stakeholders from both the public and private sectors. This approach enabled us to refine our security measures, ensuring they not only meet but exceed the stringent standards set by DISA. The result? A Kubernetes security solution that is trusted, vetted, and deployed by the Department of Defense (DoD) and various U.S. Government agencies.

What sets us apart is the proactive stance we took in our STIG certification process. While many players in the field are reactive, amending their security postures only when required, RGS proactively engaged with DISA to align our STIGs with emerging security threats and trends. It is this commitment to collaboration and improvement that puts us in a league of our own, securing our position as a vanguard in the governmental security landscape.

FIPS 140 Encryption: A Security Imperative

While adherence to DISA-approved STIGs offers a robust security framework, RGS goes a step further with a stringent commitment to FIPS 140 Encryption. For many in the cybersecurity landscape, FIPS 140 Encryption is a compliance checkbox, but for us, it is a mission-critical imperative that sets us apart from the competition.

Our commitment to this encryption goes beyond mere compliance. We have strategically implemented FIPS 140 Encryption in all layers of our Kubernetes-based solutions, from data at rest to data in transit, ensuring end-to-end protection. This all-encompassing approach allows government agencies to deploy our solutions with the confidence that they are meeting – or exceeding – the federal standard for data protection.

Combining FIPS 140 Encryption with our other security measures ensures that even if one line of defense were to fail or become compromised, other layers remain to protect the integrity and confidentiality of the data. Understanding the security importance of a multi-layered approach, we are committed to keeping pace with the shifting landscape of threats by continuously updating our encryption protocols to align with the latest FIPS standards.

Secure by Default: A Foundational Ethos

Adaptability and security aren’t just buzzwords for us – they are mission-critical. RGS understands this implicitly, which is why we designed our solutions to be as agile as they are secure. Rancher’s Kubernetes-based infrastructure is built to empower the U.S. Government to stay ahead of technological advancements, giving them the flexibility to integrate innovative solutions as and when required. Our unique architecture allows for plug-and-play extensibility, enabling agencies to add new capabilities without compromising security or efficiency.

This pursuit of innovation is directly aligned with our foundational ethos of being “Secure by Default.” Many solutions offer security features as optional add-ons. At RGS, security is not an afterthought; it is integrated into every layer of our architecture. This ethos ensures that every component of our solution, from the core platform to downstream clusters, meets rigorous security standards straight out of the box.

Our commitment to both scalability and foundational security is further exemplified by our proprietary tool, STIGATRON. Built as part of our Rancher Government Carbide add-on support service, STIGATRON not only automates the validation of downstream clusters but does so without diluting stringent security requirements. In this way, we enable faster, more efficient deployment cycles while ensuring that all deployed components are secure by default.

Efficiency, Peace of Mind and the Road Ahead

Our milestones, while affirming our commitment to security and innovation, are not the end but the launching pad for our next phase of development. RGS remains unyieldingly focused on revolutionizing Kubernetes deployments and security for the U.S. Government and DoD.

Among the exciting steps ahead, we are aggressively pursuing additional STIG validations, particularly for our game-changing hyper-converged infrastructure solution, Harvester. When integrated with Rancher MCM, Harvester will redefine how agencies think about their operational stacks – ushering in a new era of agility, security, and efficiency.

At RGS, we believe today’s challenges are tomorrow’s benchmarks. As we push the envelope, we are grateful for the trust and partnership of our customers, who inspire us to elevate the standards of what is possible in government solutions.

Want to learn more?

You can learn more about our commitment to securing Kubernetes for government our certifications and download our Ultimate Guide to Kubernetes Security.