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Heading to NLIT | Schedule a Meeting

Stop in and see us at booth number 742 at NLIT 2024 for a demo of Harvester, our HCI solution for modern enterprises, and Rancher Government Hauler, our airgap swiss army knife which dramatically streamlines and simplifies the process of moving assets, artifacts, and applications across the airgap from unclassified to classified environments securely.

At our booth, you can:

Discover how Rancher Government is addressing the unique and security needs of the U.S. government while supporting a complete open-source stack for teams using containers.

Demo Harvester, our HCI solution for modern enterprises and provides an enterprise-ready turnkey solution built on a cloud-native foundation.

  • Unify and simplify your infrastructure: Harvester provides an efficient, unified and comprehensive platform to manage and integrate VM and containerized workloads and simplify the complexity of managing different environments.
  • Modernize core business applications: Say goodbye to infrastructure paralysis. Harvester can help you bridge the gap between legacy stacks and cloud-native solutions.
  • Works ANYWHERE: Harvester is flexible and capable of putting VM workloads on bare metal, at the edge, close to your IoT, and integrated into your cloud infrastructure.

Learn about Rancher Government Hauler

  • Simplifies and enhances the airgap experience without mandating operators to adhere to a specific workflow. It streamlines this process by treating assets such as container images, helm charts, files, and more as content and collections.

  • Enables operators to effortlessly fetch, store, package, and distribute these assets using declarative configuration files or through the command line.

  • Following the standards of the Open Container Initiative (OCI), Rancher Government Hauler allows operators to serve these artifacts with an embedded Docker Registry and file server which reduces the dependencies for bootstrapping airgapped and disconnected environments.

Meet with an Expert. Get one-on-one face time with our open-source technology experts for additional insight on the transformative work we are doing within the U.S. government and how we can help support your agency.

Grab some Rancher Government gear! Stock up on your favorite Rancher Government swag when you stop by our booth. From cowboy hats to cozy socks and portable chargers to yeti mugs, we have something for everyone who stops by our booth!

Schedule a meeting at the show:

Heading to NLIT 2024 and looking to connect with our team? Schedule a meeting in advance by completing the form below, and we will reach out to schedule a time. We look forward to seeing you there!

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