Rancher Federal dba SUSE RGS

Rancher Federal dba SUSE RGS

Support and Maintenance Terms of Service


Support for Rancher Federal products is offered under one subscription plan: Rancher Federal Support. Rancher Federal Support Services are only for companies with an active subscription of this plan. A company (the “Customer”) may purchase Support Services for the plan from the Rancher Federal sales department. Once purchased, a Rancher Federal representative will activate the Customer in the Rancher Federal Support Portal system, which will enable the Customer to obtain technical support at the appropriate level of service. References to “Rancher” unless specifically described as “Rancher Federal” refer to Rancher Labs, Inc.


These Terms of Service will be updated periodically. For example, as new releases become Generally Available, the End of Maintenance and End of Service dates will be refreshed, and new products may be added, and older products may be modified or deleted from the Rancher Support Matrix. Customers will be notified in writing when the Terms of Service are changed.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The Rancher Federal SLA is defined in terms of initial response time after a Customer files a support ticket. Rancher Federal has defined 4 severity levels under which tickets can be filed (depending on the level of support purchased), described in the table below:

Level Description
Severity 1 Defined as an incident where there is a widespread failure or complete unavailability of Rancher Software functionality. If a Severity 1 issue has an identified workaround it will be reclassified as a Severity 2 issue.
Severity 2 Defined as an incident where core Rancher Software functionalities can continue to operate in a restricted fashion, although long-term productivity may be impacted. If a Severity 2 issue has an identified workaround it will be reclassified as a Severity 3 issue.
Severity 3 Defined as an incident that causes partial, non-critical loss of Rancher Software functionality. It may also be a major software defect that impacts the Customer when performing some actions and has no workaround.
Severity 4 Defined as: (1) a request for Rancher Federal information or query, (2) feature requests for the Rancher Labs Software, (3) performance problems with little or no functionality impact, or (4) Rancher Software defects with workarounds or medium or low functionality impact.

The Customer will provide an initial severity level associated with a ticket. The Rancher Federal Support Manager will determine, in Rancher Federal ’s sole discretion, if the ticket was correctly classified and may increase or decrease the assigned severity level. Response times, per plan, are shown in the table below, for each severity level:

Rancher Federal Support Plan

Severity Level Initial Response Ongoing Response Business Day/Hour Definition
Severity 1 1 hour 2 hours Every Day, 24 x 7
Severity 2 2 hours 4 business hours Mon – Fri, 0900 – 1700 US Eastern
Severity 3 1 business day 1 business day Mon – Fri, 0900 – 1700 US Eastern
Severity 4 2 business days 2 business days Mon – Fri, 0900 – 1700 US Eastern

Important Definitions

General Availability (GA)

The date that signifies when a Customer may purchase a support plan for a new product release from Rancher that is tagged “Stable”. Note: Support plans are only for published product releases that are tagged “Stable”. Any product release with the “Latest” tag is meant solely for open source community users and not covered by a support plan from Rancher Federal.

End of Maintenance (EOM)

The date that signifies when a specific product release will have no further code-level maintenance other than security-related updates deemed critical by Rancher. Security issues could be related to publicly identified security vulnerabilities or privately by Rancher Federal and its ecosystem partners.

End of Life (EOL)

The date after which neither security-related maintenance builds, nor technical support through Rancher Federal, will be available for a product release.

Understanding Release Versions

“Major Releases” (X.y.z) deliver major features and enhancements. They are not guaranteed backwards compatible with any previous Major Release. “Minor Releases” (x.Y.z) deliver minor feature developments, enhancements to existing features, and bug fixes. They incorporate all applicable fixes made in prior minor and maintenance releasees. “Maintenance Releases” (x.y.Z) deliver bug fixes that are severely affecting a number of customers and cannot wait for the next major or minor release. They incorporate all applicable fixes made in prior maintenance releases.

Rancher Product Lifecycle & Support Phases

SLAs only apply to Rancher products found in the chart below with their corresponding phases of product lifecycle.

Rancher Product Lifecycle


Version GA* EOM** EOL***
2.6.x 31 Aug 2021 01 Mar 2023 31 Aug 2023
2.5.x 06 Oct 2020 05 Jan 2022 05 July 2022
2.4.x 30 Mar 2020 30 Jul 2021 31 Mar 2022
2.3.x 08 Oct 2019 07 Oct 2020 07 Apr 2021
2.2.x 16 Apr 2019 15 Apr 2020 15 Oct 2020
2.1.x 19 Oct 2018 19 Oct 2019 19 Apr 2020
2.0.x 01 May 2018 01 May 2019 01 Nov 2019
1.6.x 08 Jun 2017 31 Dec 2019 30 Jun 2020

Support Phases

Phases Description
*GA to EOM Upon the General Availability date, products are supported and maintained until the End of Maintenance date.
  • Applying configuration changes
  • Upgrade recommendation to an existing newer version of product
  • Code-level maintenance in the form of Software updates; typically, results in a maintenance release, which is a newer version of product that was not existing at the time the issue was encountered
**EOM to EOL After a product release reaches its End of Maintenance date, no further code-level maintenance will be provided, except for critical security- related fixes on a per-request basis.After the EOM date, Software will continue to be supported until it reaches its End of Life date, in the form of:
  • General troubleshooting of a specific issue to isolate potential causes
  • Upgrade recommendation to an existing newer version of product
  • Issue resolution limited to applying configuration changes and/or an upgrade recommendation to an existing newer version of product
***EOL Once a product release reaches its End of Life date, the customer may continue to use the product within the terms of product Licensing Agreement. Support Plans from SUSE Rancher Federal do not apply to products releases past their EOL date.

Rancher Federal Support Matrix

Rancher Labs products may be distributed with certain “open source software” or “free software” (“Open Source Software”) or contain open source integrations with other software. Open Source Software and integrations covered by Rancher Federal SLAs, for each supported version of a Rancher product, are those validated and certified by Rancher Labs. Click here for all supported versions

Support Tickets

A Support Ticket means a discrete technical, or non-technical, issue that is submitted by Company to Rancher Federal requiring a response as specified in this document. A Support Ticket exists in the Rancher Federal Support Portal and includes all the communication associated with the issue.

Support Portal Access and Support Ticket Entry

Rancher Federal provides a full featured, web-based support ticket management system. The support portal is available to Customers who have purchased any support tier, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and is the primary method for support ticket submission. The support portal allows Customer to enter support tickets, add information to existing support tickets, receive information and updates about support tickets, close support tickets, and list their current open and closed support tickets.


Customizations are defined to include any changes to the original source code, including but not limited to changes to the User Interface, the addition or modification of adapters such as for authentication, Virtual Machines or server provisioning, deploying the Software (e.g., the management server) on the operating system or Docker versions that are not certified by Rancher, and altering the scripts and byte code included with the Rancher Software. Customizations to this Software may have unintended consequences and cause issues that are not present with the original, unmodified Software. The Customer agrees that any bugs, defects or other issues that are present in areas of the Software that the Customer has altered must be reproduced by the Customer on an unmodified system prior to the submission of a Support Ticket or bug report. Additionally, the Customer is required to state all customizations present on the system when submitting a Support Ticket.

Escalation Path

We hope you are satisfied with the support you purchased and that your organization’s needs are addressed promptly. However, Rancher Federal recognizes that there may be times when additional attention or assistance is required. Rancher Federal may make its Support Manager available, in Rancher Federal’s sole discretion, to discuss cases that have gone unresolved for a duration deemed unsatisfactory by the Customer. Upon request, the Support Manager will provide the Customer with contact information for the Vice President of Engineering or the Vice President of Customer Success to discuss issues that the support team has been unable to resolve or that were resolved in an unsatisfactory manner.

Effect of Termination or Non-Renewal of Support Services

In the event the Customer terminates, or elects not to renew, Rancher Federal Support Services for any Rancher Software, the Customer may continue to use such Rancher Software but will have no further right to Rancher Federal Support Services for such Rancher Software.

Reinstatement of Support Services

In the event that Customer does not renew the Support Services term and the Support Services lapse, Customer may reinstate the Support Services at terms to be negotiated with Rancher Federal.